Sizani instructs in both the isiZulu language, as well as in English. Learners are taught in isiZulu until Grade 4 when the medium of instruction changes to English.

The school has a total staff of 29 which includes the 21 Educators plus the School Principal, 2 Educators paid by the School Governing Board, 1 Librarian paid by the School Governing Board, 1 Admin Clerk, 1 Security, 1 Cleaner, and 2 Maintenance Men / Cleaners / Groundsman who are also paid by the School Governing Board and a sponsor.

Sizani is also fortunate enough to have a programme called Reading STARS run by a group of 40 external volunteer women. They come in at set times and read to and with the children to encourage their grasp of English.

Sizani has a total of 862 learners in 2018, although the school is only built to house at least half this number.  Find out how you can help alleviate some of the resource issues by clicking here.


Sizani Primary School aims to nurture, educate and develop each learner in a holistic manner to his or her full potential.


To provide quality education based on sound ubuntu values in a dynamic environment, to prepare the learners in meeting the challenges of their future. 

Ubuntu focuses on caring for each other, helping each other in all aspects of life and learning.


  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Quality of teaching and learning


Good discipline and good behavior patterns are one of the most valuable assets needed in a country. These patterns are molded in a child from childhood up through to adulthood. Most of their growth takes place at school. These can only develop in a school with good discipline, where parents, teachers, and learners work hand in hand. Bad behavior has serious consequences in a school. It disrupts the educational process and the security of the learners.

Sizani is dedicated to promoting good behavior and discipline in learners. Simultaneously, the staff respect their constitution, religion, and culture and also understand the need to protect well-behaved learners. The school needs full support from parents because it cannot reach its goals alone. Parents need to respect and understand the rules to be followed by their pupils at the school. Moreover, they need to bring about a  caring and nurturing home environment – they need to love, to listen, and to understand and be exemplary to their children.  Consequently, children will develop good habits and be responsible for their own behavior. This code of conduct is intended to promote discipline amongst learners, educators and parents and not to overbear them.