At Sizani we would like to see each and every pupil who leaves our school, become successful in their chosen career. In order to make this a reality, we have to overcome the many challenges that we are faced with in equipping our Quintile 4 school to produce star pupils. We have been truly blessed by the establishment of a Trust Fund - The Sizani Dream Trust  (Sizani Trust) – which seeks to help our school to overcome these challenges by an injection of sponsored funds. The Trust has agreed on a specific set of achievable outcomes and a priority list of items to fund. Chief amongst these is the increase in the salaries funded by the School Governing Body, in an effort to retain this talent. We cannot produce star pupils if we do not have the right talent to educate them. This is followed by an improvement in infrastructure to allow our learners the space to thrive.

We list below our most urgent challenges and also our strengths.

It is our request to you, the public, to lend us your support in whichever area you are able, be it in the form of your time, your talent, or financial donations of any sort. The latter will go directly into The Sizani Dream Trust, to be managed by the board of trustees. The Trust deed can be downloaded below as well as the official authorization letter. The Sizani Trust is now a registered non-profit organisation with the Social Development Department in South Africa: NPO number 221-836NPO - this means that donations made by corporations into the trust are tax deductible. 


  • Poor infrastructure
  • Isolation from communities it serves
  • Overcrowded classrooms
  • Insufficient educators
  • Insufficient resources (security, maintenance, groundsmen, cleaning)
  • Insufficient funding
  • Insufficient storage
  • Community / School Land ownership
  • Poor toilet hygiene due to insufficient funding
  • English, Math’s, CAT education
  • A situation of poverty amongst learners and their families
  • Safety of the school and learners is poor due to the inadequate perimeter fencing 


  • Good governance, leadership and management
  • Discipline of teachers
  • Quality of teaching despite challenges
  • Reading STARS volunteers (40 ladies)
  • Volunteers (donations and time)

The Sizani School #idream Challenge

Watch the below video playlist to see and hear what our learners have to say about their dreams. There is also an address at the end of the playlist by Principal Mrs July.